About Us

The STEM to Stern program was started in Milwaukee, WI at the Milwaukee Rowing Club as a way to eliminate the barriers of participation and to increase representation on the team. The main barriers to rowing include transportation, swimming lessons and club fees. By creating ways to address these barriers, students are able to participate, regardless of where they are from. Rowing is the focal point of the STEM to Stern program.

Clubs are able to use rowing to build relationships among students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to interact or compete together. One of the many benefits of STEM to Stern is the diverse pipeline of athletes that have access to the sport, which not only breaks racial and socioeconomic barriers, but also makes rowing teams faster and more competitive.

STEM education is another focal point of our program. With the education gap in the United States, many of the students who participate in the program don’t have the same access to STEM opportunities that improve math and science skills. By having a STEM component as part of the program, we set students up to think critically, problem solve and be successful on and off the water.

Our STEM to Stern team has worked with clubs around the country to help them develop their own program and our mission is to bring this program to clubs who are looking to become more diverse and competitive.