Rowers For Change 2021

A push to make rowing more diverse and competitive.

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September 15th to the Head of the Charles

Fall Fundraiser

Join in on supporting STEM to Stern, a program that is changing the sport of rowing! The fundraiser caps off at the Head of the Charles.

Support the Mission

Funds raised support the work that STEM to Stern is doing for kids across the United States so they are able to participate in youth rowing, STEM education and swimming.

Make Your Impact

Rowers For Change 2021 is an opportunity for all of us to get involved in changing our sport. Join a team and donate today!

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Support goes to making sure kids have what they need

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It is important for clubs to see themselves as part of the communities they represent.  This includes everyone, regardless of race, socioeconomic status or zip-code.  STEM to Stern removes the main barriers that currently keep many people from accessing rowing teams. By addressing transportation, swimming and academics, we ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate and succeed on and off the water. 


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The STEM to Stern program uses rowing to bring people together across racial and socioeconomic boundaries. By creating diverse rowing teams, we foster relationships that change lives and improve society. In a country as divided as it is, STEM to Stern is a program that shows what is possible when we come together.


Clubs that grow in size and diversity increase their level of speed and relevance in their community. With additional athletes competing for spots in boats, your team will have more rowers pushing each other and bringing the best out of each other. STEM to Stern facilitates this environment of competition by adding new athletes to your crew.

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